Winter Dog's cold outside. Humans are bundling up, but what about our puppy pals? Don't let sudden freezes and drops in temperature catch you unprepared.

Our friends at Shawna's Dogs have given us with their top 10 tips for keeping dogs safe and warm in the winter weather:

  1. Only send your dog outside for short time spurts. With the wind chill we often get, frostbite can occur in 10 minutes of exposure!
  2. If you’re taking your dogs on walks, use a paw protectant like Musher’s Secret. It acts like a barrier against the salt and ice
  3. Use pet friendly salt when clearing walkways and sidewalks. If you can’t find any or stores are sold out, visit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and get water softener crystals. They are safe for your pets and very effective on melting ice!
  4. If your dog is shorter haired or thin haired, put a dog coat on him/her before braving the elements when outside for short periods.
  5. As always provide plenty of food and water during the day inside. This helps keep their bodies working so they can brave the elements when outside.
  6. If you can find them, doggy boots or socks work great protecting little paws from the cold, ice and salt! Dogs don’t have much internal fat on their legs and paws so they are susceptible to frostbite quicker on their limbs and extremities.
  7. After walks, wipe down/rinse your dog’s paws and underbelly. Not everyone uses pet safe salt and it can cause serious irritation and discomfort to their bodies.
  8. Always keep your dogs on leash and with proper identification on them outside. If they pick up a scent and walk off, they can get lost in the cold and that can be dangerous.
  9. Never shave your dog, but especially don’t in the cold weather. Longer coats can provide more warmth.
  10. In case of power outages, keep a prepared emergency kit ready with enough food, water and medications for your dogs for 5 days.

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