Boat & RV Insurance

Do you have seasonal vehicles like a boat, watercraft, ATV, Jet-Ski or RV? Even though these aren’t used year-round, you still need insurance. Get peace of mind and enjoy the water, open road and off-road trails this season. AAA Hudson Valley Insurance Agency can help make sure your liability and property coverage are up to date on all of your vehicles.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

view into a boatBoat/watercraft insurance generally covers damage or total loss of the watercraft based on a predetermined agreed upon total value. This can include boats and personal watercraft, such as a Jet-Ski or Waverunner. Also covered by the insurance are marine electronics, fuel spills, and personal property on board. The coverage area is generally 75 miles from the coastline.

Additional coverage options include liability insurance (if you damage another boat or injure someone), and on-water emergency assistance (like AAA for your boat!). Some carriers also offer mechanical breakdowns coverage. All coverages are subject to the limitations stated in your policy.

Drivers listed on your policy are covered. Discounts are available for drivers who take an approved safety course. Note that safety courses are usually covered for drivers under 16.

RV Insurance

RV insurance provides coverage options similar to an auto policy. These can include liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist and more.  

You add options that cover your audio-visual equipment and customer equipment that was not installed at the factory or dealership.

RV insurance coverage generally includes up to 150 days of use per year. You may be able to lower your coverage and your costs if your RV is in storage part of the year. All coverages are subject to the limitations stated in your policy.

Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Discounts are available for boat and RV insurance when you have multiple policies with the same carrier. This can include your auto, home, umbrella or renters insurance. All coverages are subject to the limitations stated in your policy.

Purchase Your Insurance Today

If you’re interested in reviewing your options for (boat and rv insurance), ask for a free specialty insurance review today. Your AAA Hudson Valley Insurance Agent can help figure out the plan that’s right for your vehicles and your budget. With boat and RV insurance, you can make sure your vehicles keep you having the fun you planned on, whether on the road or on the water.

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Your insurance coverage is subject to the details and limitations listed in your policy. Call us at 518-649-1717 you need a copy of your policy or would like to review your coverage. Insurance products are offered through AAA Hudson Valley Insurance Agency, an independent agency licensed by the State of New York. Our primary office is located at 618 Delaware Avenue Albany, NY 12209.