Lost luggage, cancelled flights, or a medical emergency can ruin your relaxing vacation. Allianz's travel insurance is designed to keep your travel on track. Our goal is to save you money, safeguard your journey, and make your vacation memorable for all of the right reasons.

You can buy Allianz Travel Insurance for trips you book with your AAA Hudson Valley Travel Agent.

What Is Travel Insurance?

couple walking beachTravel insurance can help you plan for the unexpected, often helping to save you money if a trip cannot be completed as planned. There are a number of reasons a trip may not take place, from illness and injury to travel restrictions being places on your destination. You may even have to stay home for jury duty!

Travel insurance also covers issues such as trip delays or cancellations caused by airline issues or weather, lost baggage, medical expenses and concierge services.

How To Choose Your Travel Insurance

Whenever examining your travel insurance options, you’ll need to compare the cost of your trip to the cost of coverage you’d like to add to your package. It’s critically important that you know what your policy covers before you buy it.

This is where your experienced AAA Hudson Valley Travel Agent can help.

When you book your vacation with AAA Travel, your agent will review all of your travel insurance options. Then you can decide which travel insurance policy is right for you.

Travel insurance can be purchased anytime between the day you book your trip and the day before you leave. Note that coverage starts on the day you buy a policy, but keep in mind that there are restrictions on pre-existing medical conditions.

To learn more, call your AAA Hudson Valley Travel Agent at 518-426-1000 or email booktravel@aaahv.com