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Basic service is available immediately upon payment. Plus and higher level benefits are effective 72 HOURS after initial purchase or upgrade. Plus RV and Premier RV include coverage for motorcycles and camping trailers. Membership travels with you, not your car. You are covered as a driver and a passenger. The member must be with the car when the service truck arrives. Only members with 3 years of Plus status are eligible for Premier membership.
  • BasicFirst Year$73Renewal$582nd Driver$36
  • Plus®First Year$108Renewal$932nd Driver$59
  • Premier®First Year$133Renewal$1182nd Driver$74
  • MotorcycleFirst Year$131Renewal$1162nd Driver$59
  • Plus RV®First Year$248Renewal$2332nd Driver$74
  • Premier RV®First Year$273Renewal$2582nd Driver$89
Refund Policy-Refunds only issued within the first 30 day's of membership year. Cards must be surrendered and the member account cannot have any used calls.

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