Senior Driving Programs

senior in carSafe driving is a learned skill that improves with experience. However, driving ability can be affected by changes to our bodies as we age. We're dedicated to keeping seniors driving as long as safely possible.

The decision to drive or not to drive for a senior will often involve many people. The earlier you discuss the inevitable consequences of aging, the better you and your loved one can agree to a plan of action. This Web site will help you and the senior driver in your life create such a plan.

  • Drivers 65 Plus is a brochure that features a 15-question self-rating driving assessment exercise designed to help you examine your driving performance.


CarFit is an educational program designed to help mature drivers find out how well they "fit" in their vehicle. A proper fit in one's car can reduce injuries, as well as decrease the likelihood of a crash through better visibility. CarFit was developed by the American Society of Aging (ASA) in collaboration with AAA, AARP and the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

AAA Hudson Valley’s Traffic Safety Team will do a CarFit for you by appointment only, (usually on Wednesdays). Please call 426-1000 ext. 2441 or email: