It’s happened to most of us. We’re on the go. Our hands are full, we kick the door closed with a foot. The door is locked. And the keys…are locked in the car.

Now what? Don’t worry. As a AAA member, you’ll have access to locksmith services to help get your keys out of your car and get you on the road again. As your membership travels with you, not your car, you can even help a friend get out of a jam once in awhile, as long as you’re a passenger in their vehicle!

How To Find a AAA Locksmith

locksmithWhen you need help on the road, AAA members can simply call 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357). Once you tell us where you are, we’ll send out a service truck to help retrieve your keys, and we’ll send a locksmith along if needed, as well.

If we are unable to open the door of your car and a locksmith is not available in the area you are stuck or at the time of day you call, we’ll send a tow truck to move your car to a safe location.

Locksmith Services for Our Members

All AAA members have access to locksmith services.

All Basic members have access to locksmith services worth up to $50.

Plus and higher memberships include up to $100 worth of locksmith service.

Any additional fees would be covered by the member. These would be due at time of service.

Please REVIEW THE AAA HUDSON VALLEY MEMBER HANDBOOK for full service details, and our membership plans for complete details.

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