AAA Travel Money

AAA helps simplify money matters for travelers, providing options to fit your needs and help keep your money safe. These include the Visa MemberPay® Card, Foreign Currency Exchange and Fee-Free American Express® Traveler’s Cheques. All can be purchased at your local AAA Travel store.

Visa MemberPay Visa® Prepaid CardMemberPay Card

This card is accepted worldwide by merchants who accept Visa. You get a low 3 percent exchange service fee when you convert funds to local currency. It's a safe alternative that isn't connected to your bank or credit accounts and it limits spending to the amount you place on the card.

To purchase a AAA MemberPay Card, you will need to provide:

  • Valid photo I.D.
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number

These are banking and U.S. Patriot Act requirements. AAA cannot issue a AAA MemberPay card without this information.

This card is also a great option for traveling students. As a parent, you can order a card and then add a companion card for your child. This makes it easy for you to refill the card if needed while your child is away.

The minimum age to purchase a Visa MemberPay Card is 16. For minors age 13-15, parents can purchase a MemberPay Card, and the minor age 13-15 can be issued a companion card. Note that cards cannot be issued to minors under the age of 13.

foreign currencyForeign Currency Exchange

Stop in any AAA Hudson Valley store to order foreign currency. 

To place an order at your AAA Hudson Valley store:

  • You’ll need cash or a certified check at the time you place your order.
  • Orders under $200 (American) will include a $10 Wells Fargo fee.

We require cash or cash equivalent since we are ordering cash for you. In addition, many banks will charge a cash advance interest rate if you use a credit card when you purchase foreign currency in our stores.

Wells Fargo offers foreign currency at AAA Hudson Valley locations. With over 70 types of currencies offered, AAA members have the most popular currencies available within two business days. Certain other currencies are available in approximately five business days.

Fee-Free American Express Traveler’s Cheques

For more secure travel funds, carry American Express Travelers Cheques. AAA members do not pay a fee to acquire these.

AMEX Travelers Cheques offer the following benefits:

  • Refundable if lost or stolen
  • Never expire
  • Include 24/7 customer service support and passport and credit card replacement assistance**
  • Are easily exchanged for local currency upon arrival at your destination

To report lost or stolen American Express Traveler's Cheques: call 800-221-7282.

Travelers Cheques are available in denominations of $50 and $100, and can be purchased at your local AAA office. Single and duel signature Cheques are usually available.

Note: When traveling in Europe, many merchants do not accept Traveler’s Cheques, so you should cash them at a bank for the best rate. Since banks and exchange houses regularly charge a fee for each U.S. dollar Traveler’s Cheque converted, it's best to use higher denominations to minimize fees.