Basic is our most affordable plan. If you generally drive short distances, this is a good option for you.

Plan Price First Year
Plan Price Renewal
Plan Price 2nd Driver
Waiting Period
available immediately upon payment
Calls per year, per member

Up to four (4), covers:


  • Up to four (4) 3 mile tows


  • included

Battery Service

  • included

Flat Tire Service

  • Inflating and installing a spare is included

Flat Tire Repair

  • Tire plug is $20

Fuel Delivery: 2 Gallons

  • You Pay for Fuel

Vehicle Locksmith Service

  • Up to $50


  • 1 Service Vehicle and 1 Driver
Trip Interruption Reimbursement
not included
Motorcycle and camping trailer coverage
not included
Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership
FREE + 675 Points, after the first Gold rental = 1 Free Day
TripTik Driving Directions, Maps and TourBooks
Passport Photos
Vehicle Return
not included
Home Lockout Service
not included
AAA Travel Air and Rail Service Fee Waived
not included
24-Hour Concierge Service while traveling
not included
24-Hour Emergency and Medical Services while traveling
not included
One-Day Free Car Rental (with qualifying tow)
not included
Toll-Free Number for Dedicated Service
not included
Travel Store
member pricing
AAA Driver Improvement Program (Defensive Driving Class)
$10 Discount